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13 febbraio 2024, 16:30 – 18:15


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At an accelerating pace, the concept of impact is revolutionising finance insofar as investments are more and more often evaluated not only on the basis of the traditional risk and reward parameters, but also of their impact on nature and people. Accordingly, the measurement of impacts is becoming a compelling issue, along with the need for sound methodologies to do so. In this respect, the disclosure of impacts has also entered corporate reporting, and in particular sustainability statements, where the role of environmental and social effects of investing is more meaningful and its magnitude more material.
The new frontier in this field is the elaboration of theoretically grounded technical approaches for expressing in monetary terms an increasing number of these impacts to facilitate the understanding and valuations of investors and stakeholders. This exercise is being carried out in a credible way by some relevant actors internationally.
In collaboration with the International Foundation for Valuing Impacts (IFVI), the Impact-Weighted Accounts Project of the Harvard Business School and the GSG, this O.I.B.R. and SIA Webinar intends to present and illustrate to the Italian and international audience these recently proposed methodologies and the associated advances and stimulating challenges for an impact-based investing and reporting future. This initiative aims at linking the exciting progress in impact accounting and reporting with the relentless development of impact investing and the mainstreaming of sustainability in business.

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