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Dear Stefano,

The Value Reporting Foundation has today published the updated translation of the International <IR> Framework in Italian, which was overseen by the Foundation of Italian Business Reporting (OIBR).

The Italian translation was launched via a webinar hosted by O.I.B.R, which explored the 2021 revisions to the <IR> Framework, and how Italian businesses and investors are using integrated reporting. A recording of the webinar will be made available on the OIBR website and LinkedIn.

Revisions to the International <IR> Framework were published in January 2021 to provide further guidance and clarity to report preparers and advance high-quality adoption of integrated reporting. Today’s publication brings the Italian translation up to date to reflect these revisions and accelerate adoption across Italy.

The Value Reporting Foundation would like to thank OIBR for producing the translation, and the review committee whose expertise facilitated this translation from Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies and OIBR, as well as extend thanks to Mercurio for working on the graphic layout.

Commenting on the translation, Stefano Zambon, Secretary General, OIBR Foundation, and member of the International Integrated Reporting Council, said:

“The Italian Foundation for Business Reporting (OIBR) is delighted to have provided this new Italian version of the January 2021 <IR> Framework. In Italy, the <IR> Framework is more and more a major reference point for companies — also of smaller size — for addressing the disclosure of non-financial information and their value creation paths.

In view of the proposed European Directive on Sustainability Reporting (CSRD) and its multi-capital disclosure approach, the Integrated Reporting Framework is going to play an even more significant role in making this incoming legislation viable for companies. The OIBR intends to help Italian entities face this epochal change by accompanying them towards a better reporting on value generation and sustainable development, for which Integrated Reporting Framework is a crucial accountability tool.”

Jeremy Osborn, Director of Business Relationships & Networks, Value Reporting Foundation added:

“We are thrilled to publish the Italian translation of the revised <IR> Framework, which will enhance understanding and adoption of integrated reporting across Italy. The <IR> Framework and its translations aim to improve the quality of information available to investors and key stakeholders by providing a multi-capital approach to reporting on an organization’s value creation.

OIBR is a key supporter of integrated reporting in Europe and has worked tirelessly to promote guidelines, research, principles and standards around corporate disclosure. We are grateful for their work on this translation, which is vital in establishing integrated reporting as the corporate reporting norm.”


The Value Reporting Foundation

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