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22 May 2024, 16:00-17:50 (CEST), online



This O.I.B.R. Webinar aims to explore and discuss the technical reporting issues that an EU company faces when preparing an integrated report in the context of the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRSs) and the CSRD. Indeed, the need for complying with certain legal requirements imposed by the new EU setting, such as the mandatory inclusion of sustainability disclosures in a special section of management reports as well as the rigid structure of the sustainability statements, can make it complex to respect the indications from the Integrated Reporting Framework.
On the other hand, according to some other views, the new EU legislation and standards may also foster the adoption of integrated reporting owing to the coherence between the disclosure contents of the IR Framework and those required by the ESRS and the CSRD.
Facing these challenges there are at the moment hundreds of EU companies that have implemented integrated reporting over the years. Thus, addressing successfully this issue is a necessary element of the evolving puzzle of sustainability reporting in Europe and internationally

16:00 Introduction and moderation

Stefano Zambon, Secretary General, Italian Foundation for Business Reporting (O.I.B.R.), and University of Ferrara

16:10  ESRS and Integrated Reporting: congenial or uncongenial twins? The EFRAG technical viewpoint

Chiara Del Prete, Chairwoman, Sustainability Reporting Technical Expert Group (TEG), EFRAG

16.25  ESRS and Integrated Reporting: congenial or uncongenial twins? The IFRS Foundation technical viewpoint

Laura Girella, Technical Director “Integrated Reporting”, IFRS Foundation, and University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

16.40   ESRS and Integrated Reporting: a bank experience and viewpoint

In conversation with Tjeerd Krumpelman, Chair of Integrated Thinking & Strategy Group, IFRS Foundation, and former Global Head of Reporting, Regulations and Stakeholder Management, ABN AMRO

16.55   ESRS and Integrated Reporting: an insurance experience and viewpoint

Veronica Vari, Group Sustainable Development, Poste Italiane

17.10   ESRS and Integrated Reporting: an industrial company experience and viewpoint

Lorenza Barsanti, CSR Manager, SNAM

17.25      ESRS and Integrated Reporting: the experience and viewpoint of an SME

Laura Gori, Founder and President, Way2Global

17.40     Conclusive remarks

Alessandro Lai, President, Italian Foundation for Business Reporting (O.I.B.R.), and University of Verona

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